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55 inch blade cross cutting machine

has a 55" wide blade, variable speed, adjustable tray and built in automatic unwinder. 220 Volts or 380 Volts , please choose
Able to cut plastic, Lycra, cloth, canvas, denim, rubber, neoprene, graphite, composites, vinyl, paper, cardboard, leather, even metals such as copper and aluminum.

  • DP-1400CQ
  • 844110000
55 inch blade cross cutting machine

packaging paper cutting machine with slitting function

this kind machine employs mircocomputer digital controller to set belt cutting length ,

and its ergonomically designed , easy operation,the depth adjustable knife performs complete cutoff and half cutoff function.
sizing cutting for insulation paper ., plastic sheet and PP film etc




This packaging paper cutting machine with slitting function is suitable for cross cutting the web-form materials. It has features such as computer control, converter speed regulation, constant-length setting, automatic counter, and sound-ray alarm system, etc. Its compact in structure, innovative in design, and high in automation. It is necessary equipment of cross cutting the web-form materials into sheet form materials.


1,Electrical listing :         

Touch Screen   


Made in TAIWAN

Programmable Controller


Made in Japan

Servo Driver


Made in Japan

Servo Motor


Made in Japan

Motor of cutting knife


Made in Japan

AC Contactor



Made in China

20A Solid State Relay



Made in China

Electric eye


Made in Japan

 Main technical parameters: 

Item No



Net weight

Gross weight


380V 50HZ




Cutting length

 Cutting width

 Packing size


Shipping term




please inquiry 



FOB Shanghai


1. Functions : 

1, the machine uses microcomputer device, set transverse length, number, volume, etc., with automatic meter.

2, the choice of the central PLC program control and L touch screen operation procedures,  Servo motor drives, frequency control.

3, set automatic lifting material platform to reach the sheet after the cut neat, easy to organize.

4, the use of magnetic brakes unwinding tension control, ensuring smooth feeding, consistent tension.

5, the feed mechanism using ultrasonic sensors to control automatic feeding

2,  Application: 

Sizing cutting for  Paper,aluminum foil,  copper foil,  PET, PC, PVC, PCB, FPC, Lithium battery film, flannelette, metal foil and all kinds of material in roll form.

cross cutting machine

packaging paper cutting machine (2)

packaging paper cutting machine with slitting function (5)
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