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High Density Sponge and Filtering Sponge Die Cutting Machine

Model Number: DP-650J
name: paper Flat Bed Die Cutting Systems kiss cutting machine
Voltage: 380V
Power(W): 5.5KW
Weight: 4tons to 5 tons
Max Feeding Width: 450mm
Cutting Area: 450X400mm
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  • 844110000
  • 450mm
  • 450*400mm
  • Mitsubishi
  • made in Taiwan
Model Pressure Ton Max feeding width(mm) Die cutting area Power
DP-650 J 40T 650 650*600mm 10
DP-40T 40T 450 450*400mm 5.5
DP-80TA 80ton 800 800*600mm 7.5
DP-80T 80T 1000 1000*800mm 15

 high speed  web flat-bed die cutting systems, 
are the ideal automated kiss cutting machine presses for simple & complex applications, & can be equipped with numerous optional systems to ensure excellent results in technical material converting. Recognized worldwide as the machine of choice for manufacturers & converters of self-adhesive tapes, single & double sided tapes, die cut tapes, glue dots, foams & laminated foams (open & closed cell), rubber & silicone rubber, converters in the transportation industry (anti-squeak & vibration control, acrylic foams, internal gaskets, car emblems, high bond adhesives), manufacturers of electronic & medical devices, textiles & non-textiles, plastics & similar materials.  Our customers convert die cut and kiss cut tapes from the world’s leading manufacturers and are preferred converters of 3M, Avery Dennison, Lohmann Group, TESA, Nitto Denko, Tyco Adhesives, & Stokvis Tapes.

 Configuration Data

1. PLC 1 Unit 


2. Touch Screen 1 Unit   BEIJING MCGS

3. Optoelectronic safety 2 sets Panasonic Electric SUNX

4. Automatic Pressure regulating motor 1 Unit Taiwan Qunli

5. Host Machine Motor (7.5KW-4) 1 Unit Taiwan Qunli

6. Oil Bump 1 Unit Taiwan Yuken

7. Magnetic Valve ,cooler 1 Unit Taiwan Danxin

8. Host Machine hydro-cylinder 1 Unit Factory Own

9. Flatbed cylinder 1 Unit Factory Own

10. Air-cooling system 1 Unit Factory Own

11. Servo Motor 2 Unit Taiwan Delta



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