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You are here: Home » News and Events » Machine knowledge » Kunshan Dapeng heating hot press for 500KG force

Kunshan Dapeng heating hot press for 500KG force

Views:10     Author:Phoebe     Publish Time: 2016-08-30      Origin:Site

this press is mainly for thermal pressing the PVC/PET etc material that embossing 
for the Membrane switch, the film panel embossed bags. Some need to be heated and molded products

1. The upper and lower plates sided heating, the material is copper, the structure of four-post structure
2. The upper and lower working equipped with heating plate after heat treatment, has opened a common T-slot fixed mold, a smart thermostat PID control of high precision, temperature error within ± 1 ℃.
2. mechanically actuated dual mode button switch (or foot switch) design.
3. The use of force sensor to directly measure the cylinder output and displayed,
4. The upper and lower heating parallel precision pressure within 0.1MM
Hot press equipment and maintenance:
1. The device is free year warranty and lifetime technical support
2. The free outside the warranty period, the supplier promises the most favorable price to provide spare parts and maintenance services;
3. The supplier is obliged to operate demand-side equipment maintenance staff free training;


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