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PU/Mylar/PE/copper Foil Automatic Cold And Hot Laminating Machine 1600mm

650/1300/1600 Laminating Machine(With Heating)
Functional characteristics:
This machine is applicable to the lamination of material of wide breadth, and characterized by automatic meter counting and length setting, automatic stop, magnetic powder brake controlling over the unreeling tension, frequency-change stepless speed regulation, and magnetic powder brake's constant torque controlling over the winding tension, and therefore, it is fast in lamination speed and simple to operate, hence a necessary equipment matching the label printing machine.
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TH-650/1300/1600 Laminating Machine(With Heating) 





Max Feeding width650 mm1300 mm

1600 mm

Main power2.2 kw3.7 kw

5.5 kw

Precision±0.10 mm±0.10 mm

±0.10 mm

Size1400*1200*1300 mm1650*1450*1300 mm

1650*1750*1300 mm  

Voltage220V 50HZ380V 50HZ

380V 50HZ

Weight690 kg870 kg

2500 kg

Max speed60m/min60m/min


Rewinding diameter450 mm450 mm

450 mm

Winding diameter450 mm450 mm

450 mm

Total power6.5 kw15 kw

18 kw

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