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The use of high-speed web Slitter analysis

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-02-03      Origin:Site

High Speed web Slitter  use include: Suitable for medium-sized paper, printing, packaging, paper processing factory cut; the roll of paper cut into the desired width of the flat sheets. And cutting speed can reach 300m / min or more. Automatic touch-screen input data points of a machine cut.
     Cutting range: using a variety of paper-cut; such as: cardboard, coated paper, aluminum foil paper, fine paper, kraft paper, offset paper, tobacco wrapping paper and other commonly used. The available range 50-550g paper cut.
     Main Wind: speed automatic slitting machine is through real-time monitoring, real-time tracking system, a computer program is completed. Multi-point automatic alarm brakes.  More common is the  Dapeng series slitter device.
     Slitting machine mode; traditional flat cut can not meet, for high-precision, high-quality paper slitting needs. More precise, quick maneuver is pole, single-handedly swing cut way.
     Safety precautions: The pre-start operation, coping machine checks to see if the machine has a part to see damage detection; check the power supply is powered on when the power. After the inspection is completed, the machine is working properly, the machine operator to respond to maintain a certain distance.
     The official definition: slitter is a kind of wide paper or film material is cut into a number of narrow mechanical equipment, commonly used in paper-making machinery and printing and packaging machinery. Slitter main feature is magnetic clutch as a resistance device, system control, to output a DC voltage control resistance magnetic powder clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device, the tension can be controlled smaller.

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