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hot laminating machine for steel foil /Aluminum tape (DP-200)

1. Max feeding width: 200mm
2. Speed: 1--60m/min
3. Material thickness: 0.05-3mm
4. Tolerence: +/-0.2mm
5. Precision: 0.3mm
6. Under CE and ISO
7. OEM or ODM can be customized

  • 843911900
  • Electric Heating Through The Rubber Roller
  • Anti Wrinkle/Anti-air bubbles
  • Packaging Paper, Film Material, soft board
  • 200mm
  • 150
  • https://youtu.be/K_-50G-FFFI
hot laminating machine for steel foil /Aluminum tape

Below machine is with hot lamianting function , and waste rewind function  Max width Max Diameter Heating degree voltage
200mm 450mm 150 1 phase 220V 50HZ
Video link main engineer power (kw) speed (m/min) size (mm) weight (kg)
https://youtu.be/K_-50G-FFFI  3 60 975*605*970 mm 160

hot laminating machine for steel foil /Aluminum tape
Functional characterisitics:
Laminating machine, is appliable to stick the narrow Steel tape, aluminum foil tape, copper foil tape,  paper,PET, PE

Functions for fully automatic laminating machine

1. This industiral laminating machine is applicable to stick the narrow scope paper
2. It automatically count meter, set length, stop and alarm, unwind
3. Tension is controlled by magnetic clutch,
4. High precision, high speed, easy to operate

Application for fully automatic laminating machine 

Laminating and sticking for materials with base glue and other materials.

details of dry film laminator machine

Scope applicable:
Used for conductive fabric, hot melt and other materials to be heated.
Laminating Machinery for Reflecting Film (DP-420)
Laminating Machinery for Reflecting Film (DP-420)

1. Warranty for machines is 12 months
2. A promptly reply within 24 hours
3. Free usage training before delivering machines in factory
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