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how to choose a die cutting machine

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First, the good and bad die-cutting machine, we should look at these areas:
1, die-cutting pressure is stable process
2, whether the balance before and after the pull-down material
3, the composite material out on how well the machine, many kinds of composite materials can be used
4 Pull the material axis parallel machines with binder shaft,
5, whether the machine is running jitter-free
In line with 5:00 after, try machine Proofing above to see products made out of precision meets their requirements.
Second, buy a round knife machine good or better to buy a flat knife machine?
The die according to the budget and the amount of factory made products to decide, of course, but also to consider future development trends:
Rotary die cutting machine development trend
Rotary die cutting, the key is how to better control the material tension and how to more effectively select exhaust mode.
In fact, a test of our die-cutting process, it is also a test of our die-cutting experience. On the control and selection of material tension exhaust mode, because Rotary device has sufficient tension auxiliary shaft, the use of flexible, so in this respect than the platen edge. It simply is the Rotary device can be completely exhaust and complete the reaction posted on the machine platen need artificial trans stickers. Due to mechanical accuracy, electrical accuracy, precision assembly, transmission accuracy, precision molds and processes exist uncertainty, leading to less than the current Rotary precision platen. If the product size hundred percent yield as a reference, Rotary controllable precision, single-mode can reach ± ​​0.1mm, die sets can reach ± ​​0.2mm.
So now mainly used in rotary die cutting foam, labels and other relatively low accuracy requirements of the product, and is not suitable for relatively high precision backlight products.
Further Rotary die there are still some other deficiencies, such as high knife mold cost, high maintenance costs, long cycle, material loss and large, so that now the die-cutting plant using rotary die cutting very careful, limited use to pressure high-volume, high-margin products.
Of course, there are some manufacturers try to die with rotary die cutting equipment stamper backlight products in the processing difficulty factor is very high on both sides of gum and gum shading. Double-sided tape on both sides is generally gum, gum on three sides, and is usually surrounded by the light shielding rubber gum and gum edge relatively small size, high accuracy (± 0.1mm). These products are basically using platen die-cutting. According to the current development status of rotary die cutting, if the United States would like to share a cup of soup, yet relatively difficult and requires equipment, die cutter, craft continuously upgrade and improve, we need to continue to accumulate experience. Further, since the rotary die cutting equipment multi-station and multi-axis secondary development, can process a variety of materials, composite materials, it can also be a combination of a plurality of processed products.

Is the typical speaker network (material successively: double-sided tape, mesh, double-sided tape, foam, double-sided tape); and a combination of processed products, the author himself has done several such product, a product which is surrounded by gum shade the combination gel processing and spread sheets, the external structure is not the same. Want to say here is that, before many die relatively simple products, you need to assemble a in a subsequent work. And now the top side of the die-cutting machine "assembled" in one step, reducing the follow-up process to improve production efficiency, this approach might be increasingly used.
Platen die-cutting machine development trend
Trends platen presses can be simply summed up as high precision, high speed, personalized design (more convenient waste discharge) three.

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