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  • Aug
    [marketing] Transaction History of our company

    our company start at year of 2004 , at that time our company name is PENGRUI Machinery , and since the business development , we increased our business area and registered name Kunshan Dapeng Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd at year of 2009 . we start our foreigh business since 2011 , can show you a pic

  • Oct
    [marketing] Global Polarizer Market Analysis

    Release film

    Character: One side coated with silicon coating PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film, with high strength, easy deformation, good transparency, high surface roughness characteristics, different applications with different peel strength.

    Function: protect the pressure sensitive adhesive layer from damage and avoid the formation of air bubbles before the polarizer is attached to the LCD.

    Reflection film

    Traits: for the unilateral aluminum foil PET film, high reflectivity.

    Role: mainly used for not reflecting the light source LCD, the external light reflected back as a display of light.

    Phase difference film

    Traits: also known as the compensation film, different applications have different optical anisotropy and compensation.

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