Cutting machine applications in the automotive sector

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Cutting machine applications in the automotive area are as follows:

A . damping foil tape die-cutting products, electrical tape die-cutting products, adhesive foam tape seal products

B, die rearview mirror base structure of adhesive tape products

C, the special parts of the sound-absorbing material product

D , the product die car display LCD, VCD, DVD use it for interior parts of the transfer tape die-cutting products, a variety of interior parts with the adhesive tape die-cutting products

E, die to protect the die product of a cushioning material, roof structure sealing tape, and other material goods
Cutting machine installed product: Use double-sided tape, foam tape, transfer tape, resistant to plasticizer double stable tape, the tape can reduce the mist, through division, the die used in automotive parts. Such as: the instrument tray, lamp shells, ornaments, etc., in essence, to install more rapid, simple and accurate.

  Cutting machine noise and shock absorption: between the metal parts and plastic parts, plastic parts and plastic parts between, between the metal parts and metal parts, paste with foam, blankets, and other textiles made from scratch die cutting products to play a noise damping effect.

  Interior die-cutting machine and buffer: all kinds of neoprene rubber, foam and silicone materials, through precision die-cut, with the garnish, doors and roof and other parts.

  Other die-cutting machine applications: the subject vehicle installation, high-temperature spray masking paper, airbags sealed speaker cover, gallbladder and other temporary protection.

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