Forward: What is die-cutting?

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What is die-cutting? Literally, it means model, mold, slitting, punching, etc. In a word, it means a material is made into a certain shape after punching through the mold! The broad sense of die-cutting includes all metal and non-metallic materials mold forming processing. In a narrow sense, die-cutting specifically refers to the molding and processing of various polymer materials, such as paper, film, tape, foam, silicone rubber, and other non-metallic materials. We mainly introduce die-cutting in a narrow sense. Its concept scope mainly includes the following points:

1. The concept of die-cutting comes from a process or type of work in the printing industry. Die cutting was not a separate industrial industry in China at the earliest time, it was just one of the processes in the printing industry, because label printing should first make the label into the required shape. So today, many large printing plants do both printing and die-cutting, and many die-cutting factory owners came from printing plants in the early days. For example, in the early years of Shenzhen, some large Taiwan-funded printing plants trained many company bosses in the die-cutting industry!

2. Die cutting can gradually develop into a separate industry category because of the mobile phone industry. With the rapid development of the smart phone industry, many consumer electronic products have developed rapidly, and these products all use a large number of functional materials that do not need to be printed but need to be die-cut, which drives the die-cutting from a process in the printing industry to a completely independent industry. Therefore, some people say that the source of die-cutting is the processing of auxiliary materials for the mobile phone industry. They interpret die-cutting in a narrower sense as a material processing method for the dedicated mobile phone industry. This explanation is not all right, but there is some truth.

3. Die cutting is simply a material forming process. Therefore, from this point of view, it is the same as injection molding, CNC machining and other process purposes. Injection molding is to process polymer particle raw materials into a shape, and CNC machining is to process metal materials and polymer materials into a shape, but they are different from die-cutting processing methods and processes, but the purpose is the same.

4. Die cutting belongs to auxiliary industrial material industry. Die-cutting serves all kinds of products from all walks of life, whether it is consumer electronics, heavy industrial equipment, home appliances, automobiles and aircraft, military equipment, or even bathroom hooks at home. It can serve almost all industries. Any product may use die-cutting materials as long as it has structural and functional requirements. Therefore, die-cutting is a very widely used auxiliary industrial material industry.

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