380F laminator 380F laminator

1. Max working width: 365mm
2. Laminating thickness: Up to 5mm
3. Laminating speed: 1-5m/min
4. Under CE and ISO certification

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  • Model: 380F
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dry film photoresist laminator  Hot-roll Dry Film PCB Laminator  
this laminators  designed  for  both  cold  and  hot  lamination  with  compact  size  and  low  costs.
Main Features 

1. Max working width: 365mm 
2. Laminating thickness: Up to 5mm 
3. Laminating speed: 1-5m/min 
4. Under CE and ISO certification 

1. Chromed roller with high efficient heating 
2. Variable speed control 
3. Proportional temperature control 
4. Dual functions for single and double side lamination 



1. Warranty for machine: 12months 
2. After-service: A reply within 24 hours 
3. A free training in our factory available before delivering machines.

Model DP380F
Max Working Width(mm) 365
Max Feeding Speed(m/min) 1-5
Laminating Temperature  70-130 degree
Power AC220V 1.1kw/2kw
Dimensions(LxWx H) 550X605X480
Weight (kg) 25kg



digital control using the operating instructions:
1. Turn on the power switch, digital program automatically set preheat temperature of 80 degrees, just press the heating switch, you can warm up.
2, preheat temperature is reached, the temperature control lights automatically display green, indicating that you can start the film.
3, at the beginning of the film when the film immediately set a predetermined temperature, coated paper in general, just gently press down four touch keys, you can set the temperature to 100 degrees.
4, the set temperature, it can continuously covered, depending on the thickness of the paper, film temperature is generally set at 100-130 degrees most satisfactory.
5, the digital control of temperature regulation law, every click of a button, laminating machine raised or lowered 5 degrees for a digital unit. For example 80--85--90--95--100.