Adhesive Tape and Rigid PVC and silver foil Lamination Cutting Machine Adhesive Tape and Rigid PVC and silver foil Lamination Cutting Machine

Cutter Machinery , Vertical Cutting Machine, paper cutter cutting machine , Lamination Cutting Machine, PVC cutting machine
Cutting Length:0.1-9999.9mm
Cutting Width:1-360mm
Measurement: 1980X1000X1250mm
Rectification : Ultrasonic

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  • Brand: DAPENG
  • Code: 844110000
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Application: Sizing cutting and laminating for silicon rubber, conductive fabric, foam , diffuser, reflector film, double-sided adhesive tape, nickel plate, PET,PC,PE insulation paper, release paper, protective film, copper /aluminum foil and all kinds of adhesive tapes.

Feature: This machine employs man-machine interface + PLC system to set feeding material length, with lamination function.Cutting and laminating can be finished at one time. To save time and material, It is ergonomicallydesigned which is easy operation.

Main functions of belt cutting machine:

1. Feed material and return material by pressing the button on touch screen
2. Preset total cutting quantity
3. Preset cutting length
4. Preset cutting speed
5. Preset cut quantity each time ( applied for hot cutting)
6. Flash cutting quantity finished
7. Half cut-off with multi-cut
8. Full cut-off with one-cut
9. Five different cutting length can be set
10. Different cutting quantity and circulation time can be set
11. Return to ZERO