Adhesive wine label die cutting machine ( label making machine) Adhesive wine label die cutting machine ( label making machine)

Model Number: DP-650J
unwinding--impress--laminating ---die cutting --- sheet cut
Voltage: 380V
Power(W): 5.5KW
Weight: 4tons to 5 tons
Max Feeding Width: 320mm
Cutting Area: 320X300mm

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  • Brand: DAPENG
  • Code: 844110000
  • Max Feeding Width:320mm
  • cutting area:320*300mm
  • PLC brand:Mitsubishi
  • oil pump:made in Taiwan
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  • Application
  • Desc.
Model Pressure Ton Max feeding width(mm) Die cutting area Power
DP-650 J 40T 650 650*600mm 10
DP-20T 20T 320 320*300mm 5.5
DP-80TA 80ton 800 800*600mm 7.5
DP-80T 80T 1000 1000*800mm 15

specially for wine label


   Adhesive wine label die cutting machine ( label making machine) 

our company can offer many kind label impressing and die cutting machine , offer OEM and ODM 

l        PLC                        1 Set    Siemens        

l        Touch Screen               1 Set    Siemens

l        Safety Photoelectric       1 Set    Siemens             

l        Automatic Depth Adjustment Motor          1 Set    Taiwan           

l        Main Motor  (7.5KW-4)    1 Set    QUNCE Taiwan           

l        Oil Pump                   1 Set    QUNCE Taiwan          

l        Magnetic Valve             1 Group   YOUYAN Taiwan           

l        Main engine Oil Cylinder         1 Set    Self-production

l        Feeding Oil System Cylinder      1 Set    Self-production

l        Air Cooling System               1 Set    Self-production

l        Oil Seal                         1 Set     NOK Japan

l        PE Plate(25mm)                1 Piece    Made in China

*Special design blanking Positioning Mechanism, Accuracy ±0.01mm,Material can be through cutting and kiss cutting , Fine adjustment accuracy 0.01mm
*Security guards , Safety magic eye Protection Device, CE Safety Labels\

*Template launch device under the belt , easy and flexible operation

*Electronic positioning, precision and accurate, and the precision and accuracy can be controlled in 0.01 to 0.03 mm,push board back and forth precision can be controlled in  0.02 to 0.05 mm


*There is shockproof board installed at under-chassis , therefore , the machine body is stable and reliable