Auto-Feeding Hydraulic Plane Sponge Cutting Machine  Auto-Feeding Hydraulic Plane Sponge Cutting Machine

four column precision hydraulic die pvc roll to sheet cutting machine
1.By computer,Electrical box,PLC control---more simple,fast and precision.
2.TWO-cylinders,four-columns,self-balancing connecting rod ----which can maintain equal pressure of each position.
3.Quite down but slow cut, more accurate,+ _ 0.01mm.
4.Hydraulic system, Central automatic lubrication systems can ensure precision and durability of the machine.

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  • Brand: DAPENG
  • Code: 844110000
  • unwind diameter:600mm
  • raw material:roll material
  • cutting type:through die cut
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1).The host structure adopts four-column double oil cylinder balance drive,making the cutting depth balanced 

2),Pressure stability,have no phenomenon of cutting and rough edge.Because the cutting is balanced and accurancy.which can ensure the using life of cutting board. 
3 )All lubrication system is provided by the manual pump for lubricating oil,reducingthe wear,and extending the using life of the machine. 
4 ) .When the cutting operation from upper board pressed it can be cutted slow 
Automatically,which make no dimension error between them. 
5 ) Opitimize structure when designed and do not worry about oil leak. 
6 ) Make the knife mould set quickly and accuracy,easy to learn. 
7 ) Low motor power and low energy consumption. 
8 ) Equipped with safety device(according to customer’requirments) . 
9 ) It is suitable for all kinds of materials except for metal to cut and press. 
10 ) The shell is welded with Q235 national standards materials avoiding the Deformation 
11 ) Four-column cutting machine adopts 45 degree round steel adjusted treatment,and hard grinding with surface, 
12)The machine is automatically,enhance the feeding spped.

13)The feeding speed adopts frequency control of motor speed, chain driver, slide bearing positioning.

14 ) We can do the machine according to customers’demands about cutting table size and pressure.(range from 30T to 350T),(Structure with workable:Single side,double side,and cycle feeding material )


Product Descriptions Of hydraulic fatial cleansing sponge cutting machine  

Model XCLP3--400 XCLP3—500 XCLP3--600
Cutting force 40T 50T 60T
Stroke Control Range 50-300mm 50-300mm 50-300mm
Area of Work Table 1250*700mm 1250*800mm 1250*900mm
Main Motor Power 3KW 4KW 5.5KW
Feed Motor Power 1.1KW 1.1KW 1.1KW
Dimension(L*W*H) 2230*1100*1400 1900*1200*1450 2350*1300*1500
Feed Table Length 1250*700mm 1250*800mm 1250-900mm
Model XCLP3--800 XCLP3--1000 XCLP3--1500
Cutting force 80T 100T 150T
Stroke Control Range 50-300mm 50-300mm 50-300mm
Area of Work Table 1250*1500mm 2000*1400mm 2100*1100mm
Main Motor Power 7.5KW 7.5KW 11KW
Feed Motor Power 1.1KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H) 2600*1900*1500 2800*1800*1500 2950*1500*1550
Feed Table Length 1250-1500mm 2000*3000mm 2100*3000mm

This roller Feeding cutting machine is widely applied in manufacturing automotive interior,For example, car cushion, seat cover, floor MATS, car roof, car sticker, car covers, sofa and so on.