automatic high speed die cutting machine for printed label/PVC/Paper/PET automatic high speed die cutting machine for printed label/PVC/Paper/PET

A. max die cutting speed 300 cuts/minute
B. die cutting area 320*300mm(width * length )
C. unwind roll max diameter 500mm
D. max paper roll diameter 320 mm
E. left to right position precision : ±0.50mm
F. Step Accuracy : ±0.10mm
G. Total power : about 6.0kw

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  • Model: 320G
  • Size:320mm
  • Product Description
  • machine configuration
  • Machine structure

First , Machine main technical data

A. max die cutting speed                       300 cuts/minute    

B. die cutting area                            320*300mm(width * length )

C. unwind roll max diameter                    500mm

D. max paper roll diameter                     320 mm            

E. left to right position precision :          ±0.50mm

F.  Step Accuracy  :                             ±0.10mm

G. Total power :                               about 6.0kw

H. Power Voltage:                             1P  220V   50HZ

I. Machine Net weight                          about 1650kg

J. machine size(length *width * height ): 2700*1050*1400mm( Removable 1600*1050*1400mm)

Second , machine configuration

1 , unwinding part

A. Aluminum guiding roller                        B. unwinding air-shaft

C. unwind pulling material roller + steel roller    D. unwind pulling material motor300W

E. unwind damping device                          F. Electric Eye ( paperless automatic stop)


2, laminating part ( optional function ) 

1. filming device ( unwinding function )

A. Filming unwinding roller 

2. filming device ( unwind rewind function ) 

A.  filming unwinding roller                     B. filming rewinding roller

C. filming rewinding motor                       D. Aluminum guiding roller 


3.       Rectification system

A.Aluminum guiding roller                       B. rectification motor 70W 

C. Rectification electric eye


4.       printed mark tracing part 

A. Paper platform                 B. Electric eye holder

C. Color tracking electric eye



5.       punching hole part ( optional part ) 

1.Mechanical type punching hole

A.  punching hole mold            B. Connection block (connect with up die cutting plate)

2. Pneumatic punching hole

A. punching hole mold             B. Pneumatic cylinder


6.       die cutting part

A.Die cutting seat assembly (can move left and right – paper unwind direction)

B. Main motor 2.2KW

C.automatic supply oiling system ( copper tube connect wire, semi sealing type , Lubricating oil recycling  )

D.Buffer spring

E. Down cutting plate seat height adjustment ( 2 Inclined plate)

F. Up cutting plate seat Obliquely turn up system ( more easy to change the cutting dies)


7.       Pulling material part 

A.pulling material roller+ steel roller 

B.pulling material servo motor  2.2kw(Zhejiang Dongling)

C.Timing belt


8.       Waste scrap part 

A.  guiding roller                      B.  waste scrap rewind roller

C. Buffer Disposal Device - Optional function

(For some thick adhesive material difficult to scrap material )


9. sheeting blade part

A.Aluminum guiding roller                B. Cutter clutch assembly

C. up cutting blade (inserting steel)    D. down cutting blade (inserting steel


10.  Rewinding part

A.  Aluminum guiding roller              B. rewinding cushioning device

C. Rewinding pulling material rubber roller+ steel roller

D. rewinding motor 800W ( when sheeting can stop)


11.   Hot foil stamping part ( optional part )

1. Stepper motor stamping device

A. Hot stamping unwind roller    

B. Aluminum guiding roller

C. hot stamping pulling material roller

D. hot stamping pulling material motor ( stepper motor ) 


2.  Servo motor hot stamping device

A. Hot stamping unwind roller   

B. Aluminum guiding roller

C. hot stamping pulling material roller 

D. hot stamping pulling material motor ( servo motor 0.75KW Zhejiang Dongling)

12.   electric control part

A.PLC (Panasonic)      

B.Touch screen ( Weinview TK6070IQ)

C. Servo motor driver (Zhejiang Dongling)   

D. Frequency speed converter ( HUALAN)

E. Power switch  220-2-110( Taiwan)


13.  metal sheet , safety cover etc

14.   others

A. Tools                  B. Operation manual