Automatic Kiss Cut Slitting Machine for Paper and adhesive tape Automatic Kiss Cut Slitting Machine for Paper and adhesive tape

Model: DP-420KS
Voltage: 220V50HZ
Power: 1HP
Slitting Speed: 0-80m/min
Max feeding width 420mm
Min slitting width : 1mm
Max unwinding Diameter : 550mm
Max rewinding Diameter: 350mm

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  • Brand: DAPENG
  • Code: 844110000
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Only slit one layer , the other layer down part not slit  


This high precision 2mm film slitter rewinder ( CE approved)  is the latest developed by the factory and a half off the multifunctional cutting machine,

it is not only affordable, elegant appearance, and the new structure,

a new generation of contemporary business buy flexible packaging equipment.

It is mainly applied to BOPP, OPP, PET, CPP, CPE, PVC, PE, tape, foil, roll paper, coated paper,

cellophane, silicone paper, centrifugal paper, adhesive paper, kraft paper, laminated paper,

thin-skinned, no woven fabrics and other points of the roll materials in the production process

of the material trimming, cutting, etc., depending on the need.

high precision 2mm film slitter rewinder ( CE approved)  machine has a photoelectric tracking, automatic correction, tension control, rolling count, meter shut-down of excellent performance. The whole machine adopts microcomputer control, automatic cut, reasonable structure, complete functions, simple operation, stable and reliable.
1. Vertical structure, receiving and discharge on the same side. (Optional on both sides)
2. chassis and panels iron structure, to ensure the stability of high-speed running.
3. Unwinding ordinary shaft sleeve fixed to accommodate the deformation of the substrate paper core. (Optional air shaft)
4. automatic optical photoelectric eye rectification ( optional)
5., dual winding structure, are used inflatable shaft, and is equipped with pressure roller.
6. winding and rewinding tension controlled independently by the respective magnetic powder.
7. scrap guide tube and high-power fan, blowing from the right side of the scrap machine.
8. The independent electrical operating cabinet, computer integrated control, rolling count, meter downtime.
9. All aluminum guide roller machine adopt hardened aluminum guide rollers, static and dynamic equilibrium.
10. with a flat knife, circular knife two kind slitting




high precision 2mm film slitter rewinder ( CE approved)


1.PE, Insulation paper, Copper/aluminum foil, Conductive Fabric and all kinds of adhesive tapes. 
2.High Precision,low lost.



     1. This high precision roll paper slitter rewinder  is applied in laminating,  unwinding, high precision slitting (kiss-cutting), rewinding in one 


     2. This kiss cut slitting machine not only can slit material in roll form, but have function of laminating and rewinding. 

     3. High Precision, High Efficient, low lost, easy operation.  




      Mat, cushion, silicon rubber, foam, diffuser, reflective film, double-sided adhesive tape, PET, PC,   

      PE, Insulation paper, Copper/aluminum foil, Conductive Fabric and all kinds of adhesive tapes.




  high precision 2mm film slitter rewinder ( CE approved)