four post press three beam 4 column hydraulic press four post press three beam 4 column hydraulic press

1. Powder molding products;
2. Plastic molding;
3. Cold(hot) metal extrusion molding
4. Sheet metal;
5. Transverse pressure, bending, revers and correction.

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  • Brand: DAPENG
  • Code: 844110000
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four pillar hydraulic press  features:

1,The Main cylinder is adpoted Alloy steel forging as a whole or High quality ductile iron casting as a whole, and processed of precision grinding, reliable using under high pressure


2,The main piston is adpoted alloyed steel forging, precised polish and chromed surface , Good abrasion resistance


3, The post adopted the high strength alloyed steel produce , hardening and tempering overall processed , and polished chromed surface treatment , good abrasion resistance



four pillar hydraulic press Scope of application:

Metal or nonmetal parts stamping, forming, shallow tensile, plastic shaping, die and trimming, blanking , cut material and so on.

Can press the typical products are auto brake pad liner , watch surface, watchcase, table bottom cover, strap, LED heat sink, tableware, commemorative badges, gifts, accessories, jewelry, glasses frame, signs, locks, lights, button, grinding wheel suppression and circuit boards, electronic modules such as correction, straightening of material installation.



four pillar hydraulic press   Standard configuration:

Rapid oil cylinder

Hands button

Workers into (quick turn slowly)

The holding function

Photoelectric protection device


 four pillar hydraulic press Optional function :

Multiple suppression (automatic pressure function)

returned material device

master cylinder forceton100150200300500
Master cylinder MAX rangemm150150150150200
WORKING TABLE HEIGHTmm820820820820900
Max open heightmm400400400400600
Activity table movement speeddownwardmm/s210210180140135
Peak workingmm/s5/105/104/73/63/6
Max return speedmm/s180180120110110
Working table sizeLeft and rightmm400400450550700
Front and backmm500500550650800
T-slot, connecting screw size
Motor powerkw5.
Machine weightkg23002600320045007500
Notice:These machine size and price are for standard machine , we can produce as your requirement size and press Ton