paper Flat Bed Die Cutting Systems kiss cutting machine paper Flat Bed Die Cutting Systems kiss cutting machine

Model Number: DP-40TA
name: paper Flat Bed Die Cutting Systems kiss cutting machine
Voltage: 380V
Power(W): 7.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1930mm*960mm*1795mm
Weight: 4tons to 5 tons
Max Feeding Width: 450mm
Cutting Area: 450X450mm
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  • Brand: DAPENG
  • Code: 844110000
  • Max Feeding Width:450mm
  • cutting area:450*450mm
  • PLC brand:Mitsubishi
  • oil pump:made in Taiwan
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Model Pressure Ton Max feeding width(mm) Die cutting area Power
DP-40T 40T 650 650*600mm 10
DP-40T 40T 450 450*450mm 5.5
DP-80TA 80ton 800 800*600mm 7.5
DP-80T 80T 1000 1000*800mm 15

 high speed  web flat-bed die cutting systems, 
are the ideal automated kiss cutting machine presses for simple & complex applications, & can be equipped with numerous optional systems to ensure excellent results in technical material converting. Recognized worldwide as the machine of choice for manufacturers & converters of self-adhesive tapes, single & double sided tapes, die cut tapes, glue dots, foams & laminated foams (open & closed cell), rubber & silicone rubber, converters in the transportation industry (anti-squeak & vibration control, acrylic foams, internal gaskets, car emblems, high bond adhesives), manufacturers of electronic & medical devices, textiles & non-textiles, plastics & similar materials.  Our customers convert die cut and kiss cut tapes from the world’s leading manufacturers and are preferred converters of 3M, Avery Dennison, Lohmann Group, TESA, Nitto Denko, Tyco Adhesives, & Stokvis Tapes.
Operating Feature DAPENG Machinery Benefits
hydraulic and mechanically Operated Flywheel & camshaft driven allows the energy from the power source to be supplied at a constant rate throughout the operation. Thus allowing higher cutting power, precision, less set-up and noise- less operation.
Single Cylinder Adjustment Micrometric single cylinder adjustment (+/- .01mm) guarantees perfect platen parallelism & eliminates the problems associated with 4-post hydraulically operated presses - i.e. die board shimming, hydraulic leaks, seal wear & loss of pressure.
Quick Die Change  Cutting dies can be changed without removing the material from the machine during the production cycle.
Single Nip Roll Adjustment A single (centered) nip roll adjustment allows for the nip rolls to be set perfectly parallel during the lamination process greatly reducing the time associated during set-up with traditional dual mechanical stop adjustments (left & right).
Modular Design A variety of options are available to automate and customize the system to suit a wide variety of converting requirements. Most options can be added in the future.
Industrial PLC Industrial PLC can store up to many jobs for quick set-up. Operational controls can be customized for special/custom converting applications.
Vision System - Cut to Print Various vision (registration) systems are availabile utilizing an optical photocell for reading a notch, printed references (clear, dark, color) & holograms. Registration systems are available for one (X), two (X-Y) and three (X-Y-Z) axes in a variety of accuracy levels.
Knock-Out / Part Expulsion A wide variety of knock out stations are available with registration on the X,Y & Z axes. Centers or scrap can be removed via pneumatic expulsion, vaccum, air etc.. And finished, total-cut parts, can be stacked on a table or conveyor.
Guillotine Cutting Systems Automatic guillotine cutting system assembled on the machine for the transversal cut, equipped with motorized feeding rolls, friction & adjustable on the axes. Equipped on a table with a slide to move out of the way when running roll-roll applications.


 3 unwinder , laminating , photocell of mark searching , die cutting ( kiss cutting machine) , waste rewind , perforating hole punch , cutting to pieces , rewinding 
all upwards function are at this kiss cutting machine
Unwinding part , three layer laminating before die cutting 

Whole machine : 

Below part is can install the perforating function mould at it : 

Below is the cutting to sheet blade :