Sheet cutting machine for both kiss cut and through cut function Sheet cutting machine for both kiss cut and through cut function

Roll Material Kiss Cutter, Half Cut Machine
1. for kiss cut.
2. for roll materials and sheet materials both ok
Max Feeding Width ( mm )650
Main Engineer Power ( kw )1.5
Speed ( t/m )160
Precision ( mm )±0.10
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  • Model: kiss cutting machine
  • Brand: DAPENG
  • Code: 844110000
  • Max Feeding Width:650mm
  • Main Engineer Power:1.5KW
  • Speed:160t/m
  • Size:1500*1600*1500mm
  • Weight :800KG
  • Product Description
  • Functional characteristics
  • Suitable cutting material
  • Machine Display


CQ-650 cutting machine

Max Feeding Width ( mm )


Main Engineer Power ( kw )


Speed ( t/m )


Size ( mm )


Weight ( kg )


Precision ( mm )



220V 50HZ


1.  It adopts computerization number control, convenience of operation.

2.  Operation instrument panel with humanization design, ease of operation.

3.  The length adopts number control.

4.  It can set and cut the amount of break, the amount is up to requirement, it will stop automatically and it also can deliver automatically.

5.  After the machine shutting down, it still can remember the amount automatically.

6.  Its speed can be adjusted between (0-99), it can be set according to different kinds of materials.

7.  It can set XY shaft cutting.

8.  It can cut te half or the whole.

Sophisticaiton deviated light slice with high precision, separated light plank, back light plank, conducting rubber, electrode material, compound film, soft and hard slice with hing.
Foam , EVA , Sponge which have backing papere are ok too 

Felt kiss cutting as below: